TrustFire TR-001 Multi-Purpose Lithium Battery Charger

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TrustFire TR-001 Multi-Purpose Lithium Battery Charger

This is the TR-001 charger from TrustFire. The TrustFire TR-001 charges 10430, 10440, 14500, 16340, 17670, 18350, 18500 and 18650 lithium-ion or IMR batteries. It may also charge other sizes of lithium-ion batteries as long as they are no larger than the 18650 size.

It is a dual bay design which holds and charges two batteries at once. The included long cord makes it easy to set on a counter or desktop.

Perfect for charging batteries for your GG Telescopic, Silver Bullet, Super T or other popular mods.

Input voltage of 100-240v (USA cord included, separate adapter required for Euro style plugs)

Output voltage is 4.2v max at 500mAh

If you need a simple and reliable charger for your 3.7v batteries, this is the one to get!

Do not leave batteries unattended while charging! Do not place your charger on a carpeted floor or other flammable material!

TrustFire TR001 Specifications:


    Input 1:110V-240V 50-60Hz
    Input 2:12V/500mA
    Output: 4.2V/500mA - See more at: